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Welcome to DEMONHUNTR, a brand new action horror comedy series...


Daniel, a gay man, and Jeremy, a straight man, are two best friends with a very specific trait in common—they’re both mediums, meaning they can sense the presence of and communicate with supernatural entities.












Jeremy (Tamario Fletcher) and Daniel (Edmund Truong)

Hurting for cash, they create an app through which Los Angeles residents can hire them to clear out any unwanted demons, ghosts, and forces of darkness.













It’s not too long before business is booming, and they start eradicating demons all over the city.












And maybe they sleep with a few demons, too. I mean, it’s LA.

From Tim O'Leary, creator of Demonhuntr:

"When I was a child, I ravenously consumed any film or television show that dealt with good people fighting against supernatural evils. I remember watching the pilot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it first aired, and I don’t think I breathed until the first commercial break. But as I got older, the flaws in so many of the stories I loved as a kid started to become too apparent to ignore—particularly, they seemed to exist in a world where almost everyone was white and straight.










The monochromatic cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer


When writing Demonhuntr, I wanted to create a series that paid homage to that era of film and television. But I also wanted to populate the world of the show with characters that reflect the people in my life. Demonhuntr owns its late 90s aesthetic, right down to its electric guitar riffing theme song. But unlike projects of that time, queer people and people of color are never reduced to sidekicks or tokens. Here, they’re the leads. They’re the heroes. They’re the ones kicking ass and defeating evil and getting to make super witty puns in the face of danger.














As LGBTQ+ people, we practically never get to see ourselves in these kinds of stories. There is such a profound feeling of worth one has when seeing oneself reflected on a screen, and it’s my greatest hope that we can give that to other queer people with Demonhuntr."

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