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Episode Guide

Episode 1:
Who Hasn't F*cked a Demon?

Demon hunters Daniel and Jeremy answer a call from Kyle, a sexy, mysterious man who tells them there's been paranormal activity in his home and he fears for his life. But when they go to investigate, they discover Kyle might not have been telling them the whole truth.

Episode 2:
The "O" in Ghost

Daniel and Jeremy get a gig helping Natalia, an aspiring witch whose house is haunted by a ghost with very particular interests. Once the ghost situation is dealt with, Natalia joins the team as the guys' manager.

Episode 3:
Go-Go Boy Sex Monster

The demon hunters are hired by Alejandro, a go-go boy being haunted by an Incubus. The demon hunters recruit Daniel's telepathic ex-boyfriend Harold to help in the fight.

Episode 4:
Genie in a Bong

Daniel and Harold rekindle their relationship, but Natalia is less lucky with her ex-girlfriend, the stoner private eye Quinn. When Quinn smokes out of a bong she got at a yard sale, she discovers it's the home of a magical genie.

Episode 5:
Bawdy Horror

Daniel and Harold drive to Ventura to see where their relationship stands, but end up terrorized by a creature who's more dangerous than anything they've ever encountered.

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